20. Project Boxproject Kiev 2012 – Equipping a martial arts school

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The best means to start every day well is: to think upon awakening whether one could not make at least one person a friend on that day. – Friedrich Nietzsche

The sports project in Kiev was successfully completed. Collect Hope thanks all supporters, friends and helpers.

It was the 25th of December when Collect Hope could finish the project with the Boxing and Fighting Club Bucha, near the city of Kiev. The children are encouraged by the club to practice sports as a balance to the dreary everyday life. Many of the children come from socially disadvantaged families or are half-orphans. Without the support, they would not be able to afford sports lessons. After the request from Bucha, a collection campaign was started last year in which many companies and
sporting goods manufacturers took part. In total, about 100 children could be equipped with sporting goods. In addition, the project was part of the “One Bag- one Child” campaign. Here, an individual bag was packed for each child, tailored to their needs. Also on this day the handing over of the boxing gloves signed by the Klitschko brothers could take place. The children were very happy and fascinated by this gift. Today, the box with the gloves hangs at the entrance to the sports room. It serves as motivation and shows the children before and after each training session that hard work pays off and that everyone should and can take a leap up the ladder. Collect Hope would like to thank all supporters.

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