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Hello and welcome to Collect Hope, my name is Stefanie Holzmann and I am a student at the University of Würzburg. In June 2009, when I went on a back-packing tour through South-East Asia, a thought came to me, that is still with me today.

During this trip, over and over again, in very different places, I came across all kinds of relief organisations and the work they do. I was fascinated, but also shocked at the system where so much of the funds donated, get spent on administrative costs rather than helping the children directly. In August of the same year, I left Asia, to begin my studies in Germany. As well as other trips and impressive experiences, this one thought had stuck in my head: “How hard can it be to help the poorest, without losing transparency for the donor?” It lasted up until September 2011, until the thought became so strong and I found myself inspired. Hence, I got in contact with a home in South-Africa and therefore the foundation-stone was laid for the first project. In the past 2 year 28 projects have been successfully implemented. As I operate/act as an individual in private initiative, all this was only possible with the help of hundreds of donors. Those who donate, do it out of their hearts, because I am not an association, I can never issue a donation receipt. I would like my biggest thanks to go to all these people.

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In addition, for the future I hope that we can succeed together in helping children in need, to bring a smile to their faces and take their worries away. Children are like little plants, if they are looked after with a lot of care and respect, they prosper and grow up well. The following applies: Together, internationally and hand in hand, we can fight for those who are not able to do so themselves. And even if projects are not easy to manage, Collect Hope will stay true to the motto: “Why opt for failure if winning is an option?”

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