34th Project Refugees Camp Port Piraeus (Greece 2016)

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Who are we to say this is our land? We never came and conquered it by ship, nor did we set up a flag on it first. This is not my land, this is not our land, this is just one land and we are all privileged to call borne here. We were lucky to be born in a country that knows war and hates war. It is luck that we can share such a privilege. We build up borders in a union that speaks of boundlessness (infinity) We block ways of entry but daily talk about opening up. What is it you are afraid of? Are you afraid of the new? Are you afraid of sharing? All people are the same, and time has come to realize this. We were all brought to life by a loving mother and we all have the ability to love and to hate, to smile, to scream, and to be silent. Our blood is red and our thoughts are colored. We are one but are still afraid of each other. Open the borders and your hearts, let it all in, even it seems different. No borders no nations – just humans. Only a few people make politics and war, we empower them to make your decisions. Not we, they do the dictating in our every day life. They are led by craze, the idea of power and Money. Once before, nations stood in front of such a crisis. They then turned their backs … will we do this again? We deny young people access to education and therefore build a lost generation. We gaze at the situation now, not realizing what is going to happen because we are blind. Never before were so many people on the move, without home, safety – running in fear and stopped at borders. Borders, that we as Nations, can turn down again. Who are you ? Where do you stand? Open your mouth and your heart, for people like you and me!

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