18. Projekt Zusammenarbeit Weihnachtsmann für Nairobi Spielsachen für 40 Schulkinder (Kenia 2012)

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The natural science needs the man to recognize, the faith, however, he needs to act.- Max Planck .

Many children around the world have to learn every day that the world is not a playground. Also the children in this year’s cooperation project between Collect Hope and Josef Kauer and his project 40 school children in Kenya, the project could participate in bringing a little light and hope to children in Kenya. After a long journey and a costly customs clearance, the packages reached Kenya. There, after the long wait, the joy was great. Many Collect Hope Bags could be distributed. They contained a lot of toys and clothes for the smaller children, for the school children important materials they need for school and learning. For the local mothers there were special bags for the care of the smallest children. The bags from Collect Hope, however, only made up a devastatingly small portion of this campaign. Most of the donations in kind were provided by Josef Kauer. It was also thanks to him that everything was made possible. He had diligently raised the shipping money and taken care of the

and took care of customs clearance and financing. A really great project. Many thanks to all supporters!

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